Cold Springs Family Center

Insurance Programs

The Cold Springs Family Center participates in may insurance programs that pay for your membership! 

These include but are not limited to Silver Sneakers/Prime, Silver & Fit, Peer Fit, Healhty Contributions/AARP,  and Senior Care Plus.

While each program is differnt, upon enrollment we will need verification of your participation in these programs, so please bring the appropriate informaton. 

Please note: If you have questions about your benefits, please contact your insurance company directly. Insurance companies often change providers and programs, so for the most up to date information or if you have questions, please contact them di rectly.

 While each progam varies, for most the benefits are as follows: 

There are no monthly dues or an initiation fee.

This includes full access to our center AND our group exercise classes.

We currently offer a full range of classes, including our Senior Fitness Classes.

How to Register:

The registration process is simple:

Register at the Cold Springs Family Center* & complete our memberhip paperwork

Bring your verification of participation in your insurance programs.

Upon verification of your insuarance, you are then good to go!

*some insurance programs require registration through them initially, so please be sure to check for details.

What Happens Next?

After you are signed up, come join a class or other activity in the center!

You are also provided a free orientation; so please sign up at the front desk.

You must sign in at the front desk at each visit.

Some insurance programs have their own specific sign-in guidelines, so we will go over that at registration.

There are no requirements or limits to your visit, but we encourage you to use your benefit!

Come and Visit!

The Cold Springs Family Center is a non-profit facility, operated through the Lifestyle Homes Foundation, working to enrich the lives of local residents through exceptional family and fitness services.

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