Cold Springs Family Center

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The Cold Springs Family Center is a non-profit center operating under the Lifestyle Homes Foundation. Your donation stays directly in the community and can be directed to the activity or program of our choice. As a non-profit agency, your donations are tax deductible. Donations of any dollar amount as well as donations of equipment and supplies is always appreciated.

Financial Support: Your donation helps to keep us strong and alive in the Cold Springs & North Valleys community. We are also offering financial assistance to families who are experiencing hardships and unable to pay the regular monthly dues. Whether it be a one time donation or monthly donation, it all makes a difference. Remember, the CSFC is independently operated in and for our community, so every dollar you donate stays right here in Cold Springs!

Donation Form and Information

GoodSearch: There is an easy way for you to support the Cold Springs Family Center. Simply go to and it will ask you to pick a charity of choice (Cold Springs Family Center) and everytime you do an internet search, use goodsearch. There’s also ways you can shop & dine to help support your charity of choice! Everytime you do something with goodsearch, a little bit comes back our way!

Wish List: Please contact us at 775-657-6388 for our current needs. Our situation is always changing!

Arts & Crafts: It’s tough to keep those kids busy, so we are always in need of basic craft supplies. Water paint, clay, construction paper, and other such ”messy” things will help us out.

Kids Active Zone: We would like to create a kids active zone and eventually, we will get there. But we won’t be shy in asking; we are looking for those Wii type activities to set up to keep the kids moving. Got any ideas? We are listening!


Come and Visit!

The Cold Springs Family Center is a non-profit facility, operated through the Lifestyle Homes Foundation, working to enrich the lives of local residents through exceptional family and fitness services.

18400 Village Parkway, Reno NV 89508